Saturday, 2 May 2009

F1 Rejects Bahrain GP Podcast

The lastest edition of the F1 rejects Podcast

Including a discussion of "Mosley-an" theory about the new £40 million budget caps. The theory behind this that for teams who sign up for the budget cap will get the more technical freedom and less restriction on wind-tunnel development and in-season testing. And those teams who don't sign up for the budget cap with have to adhere to the tight technican rules and regulations.

Also sounds simple enough, however, if the teams that get the technican freedom to develop the car how they want to, then surely they would have to spend more money on that development. And those who are restricited in how much development they can do, then surely they'll be spending less money. 

It all sounds bit silly. And indeed it will be if the fear that it will create a 'two-tier' system comes true. The teams will come together for the FOTA meeting next week to discuss this and the signs are that they are deeply divided in this matter. Teams like Williams, Red Bull, Brawn GP & Force India, who are independant teams, are in favour of the budget cap. But the manufactuer teams like McLaren, Ferrari & Renault, and deeply against this. Plus, the manufacturer teams are set to lose out because Cosworth are standing in the wings with an engine that will be allowed to rev to 20,000 rpm rather than the standard 18,000, and the teams that have signed up to the budget cap will be allowed to used this engine are part of the deal. Which means that Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes will lose their engine supply deals. 

This could jeapodise the FOTA harmony that has already been restrained after the McLaren 'lie-gate' scandal and the 'Disfuser-gate' issue which is probably what Bernie Eccelstone and Max Mosley want. They were happy enough in the past when Ferrari always sided with the FIA when the big arguements over the Concorde agreement came to a head a few years ago but recently, all of the teams have been seen to work together which caused a threat over the authority of Ecclestone and Mosley. Now with this issue, the cracks that first appeared in FOTA are becoming more and more apparent.

But then again, I could be wrong and they could all agree to it in the end!

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